Verona FAQ

We always recommend reading the ENTIRE instruction manual to understand the features and operational functions of your new Verona Range. There are several safety features and procedures to follow that may be different to what you may be accustomed to.

Before calling for service, here are a few tips you can use to save yourself the time and trouble waiting for a servicer to arrive.

Different dishes call for different types of heat and air circulation. For recommendations on the best use of the various functions of the Verona Range electric oven, please reference our Simple Guide to Oven Functions.

Yes! All Verona gas or dual fuel cooking appliances include an LP kit within the product carton. The LP conversion should be completed by a qualified professional. For detailed instructions on how to complete the LP conversion, please reference the EuroChef LP Conversion document.

This range uses a flame sensor on each burner. The purpose of the flame sensor is to shut off gas flow in the event the flame is extinguished. This is for your safety. Please follow the directions when lighting the burners. They may be different than what you are used to, but you will quickly become accustomed to it.

To properly light the burners, push and turn knob counter-clockwise to the maximum position indicated by the ★ symbol.

Push and hold the knob until the flame has been lit. You should hear the gas flowing and the ticking sound of the surface ignitors. The sparks produced by the ignitor situated inside each burner will light the flame. Wait about 10 seconds after the gas burner has been lit before letting go of the knob. This allows the flame sensor to fully activate. Adjust the burner to the desired flame height.

If the burner flame should go out for any reason, the safety valve will automatically STOP THE FLOW OF GAS. To re-ignite the burner, return the knob to the closed position, wait at least 1 minute and repeat the lighting procedure.

If the flame continues to go out when you release the control knob, even after holding the knob in for 10 seconds, call for service.

If gas is flowing and the spark ignitor is ticking, chances are one or more of the burner caps are not placed correctly on the burner crown or sitting on the wrong burner. Make sure all burner caps are installed and seated securely on their proper position. If they are not laying flat and level and on the correct burner crown, the burner will not light.

Burner diagram
Burner with proper placement
Burner improper placement

Dual Fuel ranges have many settings that control the oven functions. It is important to read the owner’s manual thoroughly in order to fully understand the benefit from these special features. For regular baking or broiling, the clock MUST BE IN MANUAL MODE for the oven to light. Please refer to page 18-20 in operation manual.

Lighting the Verona oven is quite simple as long as you follow the instructions. European ovens have extra safety features which may be new to you. In order to light the oven properly, the oven door should be fully open. The convection fan needs to be turned OFF. Push in and turn counter clockwise the oven control knob to its MAX position (8). Check the oven burner has lit by looking through the opening in the oven floor. Once the oven burner has lit, close the door slowly and adjust the burner knob to the desired temperature. If oven does not light, turn the knob clockwise back to the OFF position and repeat process.

If, for any reason the flame goes out, the safety valve will automatically shut off the supply of gas. To re-light the burner, first turn the oven control knob to the OFF position, wait at least 1 minute and repeat the lighting process. If the flame continues to go out, call for service.

For technical reasons, there is approximately a three minute delay between the time you light the small oven and the time the convection fan turns on. This is perfectly normal.

The sound you hear is the motor of the cooling fan that forces air by the control panel and between the oven door glass panels while the oven is hot. It turns on automatically once the oven reaches 120° and stays on until the internal temperature drops below that point. The cooling is completely automatic. There is no reason to adjust. One tip is to leave the oven door open a couple of inches to expedite the cooling off process of the oven. Leaving the oven door closed will increase the cool down time. This is due to the extra insulation that is used to keep the oven hot without using high amounts of energy. The cooling fan is totally separate from the convection fan.

The fan failure light indicates if the cooling fan in your range is malfunctioning. When the range is working properly, the fan failure light will remain off. You might see a flicker when the range turns on. This is perfectly normal. If the light goes on and stays on while the oven is operating, turn the oven off immediately and call for service. Continued use could damage the door and/or control panel.

Cleaning grates are easy. Fill a basin with water and a dishwashing detergent. Soak grates in solution. You can scrub them with a nylon brush if necessary. NEVER use scouring powder such as Comet or steel wool. NEVER place grates, burners or burner caps in the dishwasher as the harsh chemicals will discolor the metal. Once clean, dry them thoroughly. You may need to wipe the cast iron parts with a light coating of vegetable oil to ‘season’ them. The secret is not to let the grease get baked in. Over time, these parts will discolor due to heat, acids & enzymes in foods.

The secret to cleaning the oven is to wipe up spills as soon as they occur and clean the oven with hand dishwashing soap & water. You can also release suborn dirt & grime by placing a shallow pan filled with water and lemon juice in oven and turning it to high for an hour. When grease loosens, you can clean oven with soap & water. In extreme cases, household cleaners can be used. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and eye protection. Try to keep chemical solutions away from stainless steel surfaces as it could discolor the finish.

Call our office at 631 254-3434, 9:00am – 5:00pm EST. EuroChef USA maintains a complete parts inventory and will be able to fulfill your request promptly.