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Optional Accessories

  • Colored Knobs Sets
    Rubberized Matte Finish

    Customize your Designer Range with rich Burgundy or sleek Black options.

  • Verona Chefs Pak - VECP2
    Verona Chefs Pak

    The most popular Verona accessories - all in a single, convenient package

  • Maple Cutting Board
    Maple Cutting Board

    Maple Cutting Board – W 10 ¼” x D 17 ¼” x H 1¼” (Included in CHEFS PAK)

  • Cast Iron Grill / Griddle
    Cast Iron Grill / Griddle

    Cast Iron Grill / Griddle Combination – W 9” x D 15” - 7½ lbs. (Included in CHEFS PAK)

  • Plinth Legs for Verona Prestige
    Plinth Legs

    Plinth Legs for Verona Ranges
    Stainless Steel with Levelers – (1 Pair)

  • EZ Glide Rack
    EZ Glide Rack

    Easy Glide Rolling Rack Systems for Verona Ranges & Ovens

  • Small Pot Reducer
    Small Pot Reducer

    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Support for Cooktop Grates

  • Wok Ring
    Wok Ring

    Cast Iron Support for Wok Cooking, included with all 36” Ranges

  • Heavy Duty Wok Ring
    Heavy Duty Wok Ring (VEMWOK)

    Optional accessory for added wok stability (VEMWOK)

  • Simmer Plate
    Simmer Plate

    Heavy Duty Cast Iron Plate for Ideal Simmer Temperatures

  • Decorative Toe Kick
    Wrap Around Leg Kits

    Stainless Steel or Matte Black options to achieve an integrated look for Verona Prestige Ranges

  • 2" Extended Backguard
    2" Extended Backguard

    Stainless Steel trim to achieve a 25” depth on Prestige Ranges

  • 3” Non-Extended Backguard
    Verona 3-inch Non-Extended backguard

    Stainless Steel trim to maintain a 24” depth on Prestige Ranges

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