FAQ - Gas range oven will not light

Lighting the Verona oven is quite simple as long as you follow the instructions. European ovens have extra safety features which may be new to you. In order to light the oven properly, the oven door should be fully open. The convection fan needs to be turned OFF. Push in and turn counter clockwise the oven control knob to its MAX position (8). Check the oven burner has lit by looking through the opening in the oven floor. Once the oven burner has lit, close the door slowly and adjust the burner knob to the desired temperature. If oven does not light, turn the knob clockwise back to the OFF position and repeat process.

If, for any reason the flame goes out, the safety valve will automatically shut off the supply of gas. To re-light the burner, first turn the oven control knob to the OFF position, wait at least 1 minute and repeat the lighting process. If the flame continues to go out, call for service.

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